Generosity, empathy define Service First Champions

Service First_Union County

Baptist Collierville

Service First_ColliervilleLynda McAllister from Physical Therapy was named Service First Champion for making sure all her patients receive the best care possible. Her nominator shared an example of the extra care Lynda provided to a patient who originally came in for outpatient lymphedema therapy. Lynda noticed the patient was extremely ill and assisted the family in getting her admitted. During the patient’s time in the hospital, Lynda checked on the patient regularly, even coming in on weekends and days off to ensure continuity of the lymphedema bandaging. The patient’s family expressed their gratitude many times for the extra time, dedication and level of expertise Lynda showed throughout the patient’s hospitalization.

Baptist Medical Group

Service First_BMG_Union CityAnnette Dobbins, RN from Baptist Medical Group-The Doctors’ Clinic in Union City, Tenn., was recently recognized as a Service First Champion. She has worked for The Doctors’ Clinic for 23 years.

Baptist Golden Triangle

Service First_Golden TriangleKay Wedel, RN, 3 PT, was selected Service First Champion for her kindness to her team members and her patients. The nomination described a time when Kay noticed one of her patients was “down in the dumps and not happy” on a particular day. When she realized it was her patient’s birthday, she went to the hospital gift shop and bought the patient flowers and a Happy Birthday balloon with her personal funds.

“We absolutely love Kay, and she not only goes above and beyond for this hospital, but for the community as well,” one of her team members said, pointing out that Kay will soon be leaving for another trip to Haiti to volunteer as a nurse.

“I really feel (this award) says more about the wonderful, caring people that I work with, how they recognize and promote a positive environment for healing and hope, while considering the best interests of one another, as well,” Kay said. “I feel humbled to have been chosen for the award, honored to be a part of a most excellent medical team, and, above all, blessed that God has given me this opportunity to serve Him through serving others.”

Baptist Union County

Service First_Union CountySusan Parker, a unit coordinator for the medical-surgical department and 18-year Baptist team member, was recently named Baptist Union County’s Service First Champion.

Susan was nominated by a team member for going above and beyond to meet the needs of a patient. In an effort to help a patient’s self-esteem, she gave the patient a makeover on her day off. Susan brought make-up and supplies for the special day, and even provided a foot massage. Her nominator stated, “The patient was so pleased with her new look and had a good day. Not only was this Service First, but service with a smile.”

“Susan’s compassion and concern for others exemplifies what a Service First Champion should be,” said Baptist Union County CEO and Administrator Walter Grace. “People like Susan make a real difference at Baptist Union County and in the lives of our patients.”

Spence and Becky Wilson Baptist Children’s Hospital

Service First_WomensLauren Williams, a health unit coordinator in the Spence and Becky Wilson Baptist Children’s Hospital emergency department, was recognized for her quick thinking and compassionate actions. While members of the health care team were working to save a child’s life, Lauren took the patient’s sibling out of the room and provided him with coloring pages and activities. She then bought him a meal in the cafeteria and candy from the gift shop with her own money.