BestHealth Testimonial: New determination propels GoHealthy! class member toward the finish line

Losing 35 pounds is a significant achievement. But it’s not all Robbi Jouben, senior network engineer at Baptist Corporate, accomplished as a result of GoHealthy! classes.

“I was able to reduce the strength of my blood pressure medicine, reduce the number of diabetic medicines, and even reduce the neuropathy in my feet,” said Robbi. “It’s more than worth the effort to change to a healthy lifestyle. The daily rewards are immense.”

Previous attempts to achieve a healthy lifestyle failed, but Robbi says the GoHealthy! classes gave him easy, simple goals to achieve.

“We were provided information to help make lifestyle changes that last,” he said. “It was a great reminder or review of what I know about making healthy decisions for eating.”

Now Robbi is planning meals in advance, maintaining a fitness schedule, and keeping a food and fitness log so he can view his successes and the areas to improve.

“My advice is to be consistent, plan to succeed and start slow. And keep positive—don’t dwell on the negative when things don’t go as expected.”

More focused and determined than ever, Robbi has a new goal: to run the St. Jude full marathon with his daughter, son-in-law and grandson.

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