Patience and respect mark DAISY winner’s work

Baptist Memphis

Steve Thomason, RN on 2 East

“My father was very sick and in the hospital. Dad was spiraling down — he had no appetite and was in a lot of pain. It seemed as if he wouldn’t get better. Steve was his nurse, and in a quiet, kind way, encouraged dad to just try and eat a little at a time. He took time to explain to Dad that while he didn’t feel like eating, his body needed nutrition to heal. Steve took it on his own to get some broth, make it, and bring it to Dad. While all the nurses have been awesome and deserve recognition, Steve stands out. He didn’t preach, but gave Dad information to help him regain his will to fight.”


Baptist Golden Triangle

Jessica Brown, RN, 3PT


A doctor who nominated Jessica noticed Jessica taking time with a 24-year-old patient with a history of traumatic brain injury who had been living in a nursing home. Although the patient was non-verbal, Jessica noticed he was capable of meaningful communication. This resulted in the patient being re-evaluated and placed in an inpatient rehab setting specializing in brain and cervical spine injuries rather than remaining in the nursing home. “This opportunity is likely going to be the difference in this young man getting appropriate rehab care and being able to return home versus spending the rest of his life in a nursing home,” the doctor said.