HealthStream certification drives expertise

Congratulations are in order for two Baptist team members, Lisa Wheeler and Corey Knight. Both recently completed the HealthStream HLC Certification program, earning the difficult certification.

Lisa and Corey work at the corporate office. Lisa works in human resources and oversees all the HealthStream system requests and maintenance. Corey, who works in information technology, handles all the technical aspects of HealthStream. “I feel more invested in HealthStream by completing the certification course, and it makes me want to learn more,” said Lisa.

HealthStream plays an important role for the entire organization as described by Beverly Jordan, vice president and chief information and transformation officer.

“We are currently the largest HealthStream customer in the country. From an operations perspective, having certified administrators allows us to be more strategically focused. We have the highest level of knowledge about system. This understanding allows us to take full advantage of the features, which increases Baptist’s return on investment.”