Children at the heart of Service First winners

Baptist Union County

Baptist Union County recently announced Kim Taylor, RN, as Service First Champion for the quarter. Kim is a nurse on the medical-surgical unit and received multiple nominations for two situations.

In one case, two children were reheating their food when one dropped their plate. Kim went to the café to purchase two plates of food for the children using her own money. On another occasion, one of Kim’s patients had been moved from the medical-surgical unit to the ICU. Kim didn’t want the patient to be alone, so she waited with the patient until family members arrived. “Such a fine example of how our Baptist family steps in to take care of those in need,” stated a fellow team member.

Baptist Memphis

Kenya Moore, a housekeeper with Environmental Services, helped a parent in need. In a room on 5-West – ICU Stepdown, Kenya noticed a little girl when she heard a code blue for the same room. She made her way to the room and saw a code blue being performed on the child’s mother. She asked the upset father if she could take the toddler to the snack machine to purchase her something good. She also found a game on her phone to occupy the child. When it was time for the toddler to return to her family, she started to cry because she didn’t want to leave Kenya. Kenya found a way to keep the child from a chaotic situation while giving the parent peace of mind.

Baptist Collierville

Rory Rambert, a floor finisher with Environmental Services, was recently named Baptist Collierville’s Service First Champion. “Rory does an outstanding job cleaning and waxing the floors in the ED. They are so clean and shine like glass! He spent extra time cleaning after we had a patient with severe bleeding.” Rory’s extra time and efforts were recognized by the physician and the nurses.