BestHealth Testimonial: GoHealthy! Classes Help Take Healthy Lifestyles to Another Level

Lisa Young, RN, Baptist One Care instructional designer at Baptist Corporate, was well on her way to achieving her weight loss goal when she joined a GoHealthy! class—and as a result, she’s now also changed her lifestyle.

“I had been overweight for 16 years and tried many programs,” she said. “But when I couldn’t keep up with my son going up a hill, I decided the next year would be different.” She and her husband changed their eating habits and began running several times a week.

“The GoHealthy! class was a very bright spot,” said Lisa. “Becca Bryant was wonderful. I had a hip injury, and Becca researched non-weight bearing exercises for me. I learned to eat more green foods, I stopped eating processed foods with flour, I use an air fryer now, and overall, I decided to change my lifestyle and not just my weight.”

Both on her own and through the GoHealthy! class, Lisa lost 65 pounds. She’s proud to say she made it up that hill this year.

“I’m loving my new life,” says Lisa. “I’m determined now to keep my body healthy so I’m less likely to have diabetes or a stroke. I am very thankful that Baptist provided this opportunity for me to attend the GoHealthy! class.”

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