Baptist University Offers Associate of Science in Surgical Technology

Baptist Health Sciences University is launching an associate of science in surgical technology program this summer. The program, which will take 16 months to complete, will create specially skilled surgical technologists trained within the Baptist system.

“Surgical techs arrange and set up the surgery suite, ensure all technology is available and work with surgeons hands-on during the procedure,” said Pam Siggers, a certified surgical technologist and program chair for surgical technology at Baptist Health Sciences University.

The program will start small and will likely graduate 15 students at a time. The classes are labor intensive, requiring both heavy reading and one-on-one instruction.

Pam worked as a certified surgical technologist for five years before transitioning to teaching.

“I always want to teach people to be better than me,” she explained. “I developed a passion for teaching.”

Graduates of the program will be skilled allied health professionals trained to provide a safe operating room. They ensure all equipment is sterile and working correctly before surgical cases begin. Almost all surgeons use surgical techs, so these health care professionals will always be in demand.

The program costs $12,000, and Baptist team members will receive a 25% discount or a tuition deferral option. Courses will include in-person instruction and clinical rotations. For more information, please call 901-575-2247 or 866-575-2247, or visit