Tiny patient experiences full continuum of care at Baptist Children’s Hospital

Christopher Ealy’s experience at the Baptist Children’s Hospital illustrates the wide range of services the hospital offers. Now just 2 years old, he’s been through it all—and so has his mother, Latoya.

Christopher was born at Baptist DeSoto and was quickly transferred to Baptist Children’s Hospital after being diagnosed with Hirschsprung disease, which adversely affects the colon. He had his first surgery at 9 days old, spent 31 days in the NICU, faced two additional surgeries, wore a colostomy bag for 11 months and returned to the emergency department more than once.

Latoya Ealy and son, Christopher Ealy

“Christopher experienced NICU, transport, our emergency department, our pediatric inpatient floor, ICU and pediatric surgery,” said Baptist Children’s Hospital pediatric ICU Nurse Manager Lauren Lawson. “It’s so rewarding to see children come in so ill and then go back to a normal life, as Christopher has done. And his mother came through it like a champ!”

Latoya Ealy stayed in the hospital while her son was in the NICU and became an expert at changing colostomy bags.

“The nurses said I got better at it than them!,” said Latoya. “Everyone at the hospital was awesome, particularly nurse Shannon Mitchell in the NICU. She made sure Christopher was comfortable and well cared for.”

Latoya always had full confidence in Christopher’s care team.

“I knew he was in the best place he could be. You have to have patience and let the doctors and nurses do their jobs.”

That faith has been validated, as Christopher continues to improve.

“Every year it gets better. Before, we spent every holiday in the hospital. Now we really celebrate them!”