Service First Nominees Demonstrate Empathy and Quick Responses for Patients and Team Members

Service First committees systemwide continued to recognize team members for displaying empathy and compassion to their team members, patients and visitors. Learn more about these remarkable colleagues.

Baptist Attala

Med-surg nurse Catherine Hughes, RN, was praised for treating patients and visitors like she would treat her own family. She also does whatever she can to meet patients’ and team members’ needs, whether or not it is her job. She has worked extra shifts and even bought paper products one night when the hospital ran out. Her nominator calls her a great mentor and an outstanding team member.

Baptist Cancer Center

Elaine Pennington is the data manager for Baptist Cancer Center. Her nominator describes her as “the backbone of the department.” She works diligently to help ensure no special occasion is missed around the office and is constantly assisting others and helping patients find their way. According to her nominator, Elaine does not consider this going above and beyond, but thinks of it as the way it should be.

Baptist Collierville

Sherita Lane, an admissions representative, was nominated for always being there to assist patients. Her nominator describes Sherita as a very knowledgeable team member who always has the answers. She works behind the scenes, making sure patient admissions runs smoothly. On one occasion, Sherita stayed after hours to assist a patient in getting the doctor’s orders she needed for a test before she left town. She waited with the patient until the patient left, then called her when the order was in. Sherita remained at the hospital until everything was completed.

Baptist Corporate

Lisa Wheeler is an LMS administrator at Baptist Corporate. She was nominated by one of her team members for her help after a recent Baptist Leadership Development Intensive. A colleague left her purse, and not only did Lisa quickly contact her, she delivered the purse to her house. Her nominator wrote that Lisa is always a team player, putting others’ needs ahead of her own.

Baptist Leake

Chasity McDill, RN and charge nurse in med-surg, was nominated by a fellow nurse for her overwhelming willingness to help any coworker in need, admitting patients or administering medications. Her nominator wrote that she is the greatest asset to their med-surg department, remaining calm in stressful situations and offering encouragement when needed. She also wrote that Chasity is smart and communicates with physicians in a timely, professional manner.


Wayne Windham, a floor tech in Environmental Services, was praised for working diligently to keep the hospital floors clean and shining. His nominator has seen him often checking for spills, marks, gum or any other residue or stains. Even patients and visitors notice and remark that Baptist Leake is cleaner than other hospitals. Wayne’s nominator notes that a clean floor is not only visually attractive, it helps maintain a safe environment for everyone.

Baptist Memphis

Leon Flowers has been a social worker in case management since fall 2018. He was nominated for his quick, responsive work for a patient who had overdosed on a holiday weekend. After she was medically treated at 9 p.m. during a long weekend, she needed a safe place to stay and transportation there. Leon secured both, which was no small feat. His nominator wrote that Leon is always approachable, shares his knowledge with team members and demonstrates Baptist values.

Baptist Tipton

Angela Johnson works in environmental services in the emergency department at Baptist Tipton. She was nominated by three of her coworkers for consistently being proactive and efficient, promoting excellent patient care. Those who work in her department compliment her commitment to the cleanliness and safety of the patient environment. Her nominators also noted that their patient satisfaction is on the rise, in part due to cleanliness of the department, making Angela an excellent asset to the Baptist team.

Elizabeth Anderson’s nominator has witnessed her sitting at patients’ bedsides, holding hands with them and being attentive to their needs. She has even seen the med-surg patient care assistant tear up during these encounters, a clear display of Elizabeth’s compassion. She stays late, comes in early and will work when called in on a moment’s notice. The hard-working single mom has one of the hardest jobs, Elizabeth’s nominator notes, but she always does it with a smile.

Baptist Yazoo

Charlene White, a patient care assistant, works in the south wing. She was nominated by a fellow team member for being a loving, caring person. She makes sure patients have what they need, sometimes even clothes and shoes. Her nominator writes that Charlene is always smiling and always willing to help.

Mississippi Baptist Medical Center

Jessica Ashley, RN, was nominated by a patient’s daughter-in-law for her kindness during her stay. The patient, who lived in a nursing home, had a several-day stay in the hospital recently. She likes to get her nails done but usually misses that time at the nursing home because it is during her dialysis sessions. Jessica came to work one day with her nail polish and nail polish remover to give the patient a manicure. The nominator wrote that it was a great pick-me-up and that Jessica is doing great things!