NEA’s nurses Samantha and Athenea lead through love, faith

“I will never be able to forget her.”

We remember most those who help us during a great time of need. And such is the case for NEA’s spring DAISY winners, Samantha and Athenea.

Athenea Dean works on the ICU and has been with NEA Baptist for nearly five years.  After working a 12-hour shift on a snowy night, she volunteered to help a patient who was in the ICU and without family. “I was worried my cat wouldn’t be fed.”  Athenea volunteered to drive to the patient’s home and care for the cat. “She has restored my faith in people,” said the patient.

Samantha French, RN joined NEA on 5 West just more than a year ago. Multiple nominations recognized Sam’s gift for reaching  patients during extremely difficult times. In more than one case, patients who faced advanced diagnoses also found that “God sent us an angel” with Samantha.

She was, and is, one of the most amazing medical professionals I have ever met in my life. She deserves this award and so much more.  I can only imagine if she treated us, complete strangers, this way how she treats the rest of her patients. She is loved by the staff, you can see that in the way they speak with her and work with her. She is definitely a super star. I will never be able to forget her.”