DAISY Award Winners Demonstrate Outstanding Nursing Skills and Compassion

Four recent DAISY award winners were nominated for their quick thinking and compassion for patients at critical times.

Baptist Memphis

Kye Shealy

Kye was nominated by a patient’s wife for his quick action following a transcatheter aortic valve replacement procedure. The patient wasn’t able to feel his legs following the nerve block required for the procedure. Kye quickly followed up with the surgeon, and the patient’s wife said his speedy assessment and communication saved her husband’s leg and possibly his life.

Deborah Pleasants

Deborah stayed with a patient in her last minutes, holding her hand and playing Amazing Grace on her phone. She comforted the patient’s husband, allowing him to cry on her shoulder. Her nominator writes that Deborah is an amazing nurse who provides compassion and support for both her patients and her team members.

Baptist Union County

Shelby Akins

Shelby, an emergency department registered nurse, was nominated by a patient who wrote that she was efficient, compassionate, kind, intelligent and eager to help. The nominator also wrote that Shelby has excellent nursing skills.

Baptist North Mississippi

Cassidy Homan

Cassidy was nominated by a patient’s daughter for her generous spirit during his stay. The daughter was unable to be with her dad when he was admitted to the hospital, and she was concerned that his hearing challenges would affect communication. He hadn’t been eating at home, which also worried his daughter. Cassidy sat with the patient, ordered him a meal of his choice, and talked to the daughter frequently during the course of the patient’s stay. Her nominator wrote that Cassidy was a godsend to her father during his time in the hospital.