BestHealth Testimonial: GoHealthy! class helps turn small steps into big benefits

Sometimes taking a first step is the scariest part of any journey.

“You will never know how good it feels to take that step until you do it,” says Netasha Bowers, social worker for Universal Parenting Place at Baptist Women’s Hospital. “We get stuck looking at the number on the scale. But even the smallest change is a win.”

For Netasha, the motivation to achieve her goal came from several places.

“I have been on the weight-loss journey several times before, but always stopped,” she said.  “Heart disease and diabetes run in my family, and I do not want to be on medications. That determination, the BestHealth incentive and the fact that I like challenging myself, motivated me to attend GoHealthy! classes. And it was wonderful!”

By the end of the 13-week class, Netasha exceeded her weight-loss goal. She also learned to more accurately read food labels.

“The class taught me consistency in eating and exercise. I learned it was more about what I was not eating. Plus I notice a big difference from drinking more water. And having the support of my classmates made such a difference.”

Says Netasha, “It’s possible to make lifestyle changes no matter your age. I’ve already set new goals. It all comes down to taking that first step.”