Baptist Union City Adds New Display Case for Public Viewing of 1800s Bible

Baptist Union City protects and cherishes a copy of the Holy Bible dating back to the late 19th century that was donated to the hospital by the Rives Book Lovers Club in 1960. Earlier this year, the hospital began working on a safe way to display the large, ornate Bible that is buckled with two metal clasps. The Pastoral Care Endowment Fund, operated by the Baptist Memorial Health Care Foundation, provided a protective display case for the Bible, as well as a label with a brief history.

The Bible will be displayed for public viewing in the pastoral care counseling room, adjacent to the Providence Chapel. The hospital plans to use the Bible for major ceremonial events.

“This very old, yet well-preserved parallel Bible depicts the following translations and their respective dates. The Old Testament consists of the Authorized Version of 1611 and the Revised Version of 1885, while the New Testament provides the Authorized Version of 1611 and the Revised Version of 1811,” said Chaplain Michael Dennison, Baptist Union City’s director of pastoral care.

Chaplain Dennison said that the hospital is appreciative to the Baptist Foundation for its assistance in preserving the Bible so it will continue to be a blessing for current and future generations of Baptist Memorial Health Care team members.