Baptist Partnership Helps Heal Trafficking Victims

What’s the buzz around the beehives at Baptist Collierville?

A partnership that’s giving survivors of human trafficking an opportunity for therapy, community and purpose.

Thistle & Bee serves victims of human trafficking in Shelby County and beyond.  Through a residential program and a social enterprise built around the manufacture and sale of products made from honey and herbs produced in apiaries and gardens, survivors experience healing as they gain skills and experience needed to rebuild their lives.

After hearing of Thistle & Bee, the Baptist Memorial Health Care Foundation approached Baptist Collierville about placing beehives on the hospital’s property. It resulted in a partnership between the hospital and Thistle & Bee, as well as a sponsorship from Baptist Community Relations for four beehives.

Lindsay Stencel, chief administrative officer at Baptist Collierville, said the hospital partnered with Thistle & Bee because it has a “great holistic approach to helping heal the victims. We really felt their mission aligned with us. Beekeeping is something that is helping heal the women by being able to provide for themselves financially and having an outlet for self-worth.”

Baptist Collierville’s gift shop sells Thistle & Bee honey and granola.