Baptist Cancer Center Team Members Earn Baptist Health Care Hero Awards

The Baptist Memorial Health Care Foundation presented the Baptist Health Care Hero award to Dr. Philip Lammers and members of the Baptist Cancer Center research team and the Baptist Cancer Center-Memphis team, who are the first in the country to lead a clinical trial for an innovative treatment for lung cancer. The Foundation also gave another Health Care Hero award to Dr. Aleksandar Jankov and Dr. Ahmad Bashar Abdulkarim for their outstanding care and compassion during a patient’s cancer treatment.

“In January, one of our brave patients drove 90 minutes through snow and ice to receive treatment at Baptist Cancer Center. We want to take a moment to acknowledge her bravery and the efforts of the research and clinical staff,” said Tracy Stewart, assistant director of Clinical Research Operations at Baptist Cancer Center.

The patient’s journey to receive her treatment, which is only available through a clinical trial, is a testament to the dedication of the team at Baptist Cancer Center, noted Tracy, who added that Baptist Cancer Center is the first facility in the country to offer this treatment.

“The team’s unwavering commitment to providing the best care possible is evident in their willingness to work through challenging circumstances. They are leading the way in advancing innovative treatments and improving outcomes for cancer patients. We want to thank them for being Health Care Heroes,” said Parker Harris, CEO and administrator of Baptist Memorial Hospital-Tipton and Baptist Cancer Center infusion centers.

Dr. Jankov and Dr. Abdulkarim

The Foundation also presented the Health Care Hero award to Dr. Jankov and Dr. Abdulkarim for their compassionate care of a patient. Referring to the doctors, the patient said, “I’m grateful that God guided me to you for my cancer journey. Thank you for your kindness and expertise during a difficult time. I’m incredibly thankful for you!”

The patient also mentioned, “God worked a miracle in my life and saved me by connecting me with you as my doctor. I appreciate your compassion throughout my cancer journey.”

“The patient’s heartfelt words serve as a reminder of the impact providers have on those they care for. It is moments like these that truly highlight the importance of empathy and expertise in the medical field,” said Parker. “The recognition they received is well deserved and serves as a testament to the incredible work they do each day.”