Module Aids in Positive Identification of Patients and Blood Products

With the Blood Product Administration Module (BPAM), which Baptist OneCare implemented in October 2018, clinicians systemwide can easily document the unit number, product code, blood type and expiration date of each unit using a barcode scanner.

Prior to BPAM, the steps involving cross-matching a unit of blood to a patient to ensure that the blood was compatible were done manually.

According to Chris Hopper, system director of Baptist OneCare, having BPAM provides an extra layer of safety.

“Even though the blood bank would double check the product and validation, it took two nurses on the floor next to the patient to confirm that the blood matched to the patient’s name and indicator on the armband. They also compared the information on the blood product itself with a slip to confirm that the blood was a match.”

But with BPAM, once blood is released from the blood bank, it’s given a barcode that is unique to that unit and to the patient.

“So at bedside, we can electronically verify the blood by scanning both the patient’s armband and the unit, letting the computer do the double check. Anything we can do to increase the safety of our patients and eliminate human error is something we want to take advantage of,” he said.

Chris also urged everyone able to donate blood, as “this time of year is when we historically have blood shortages.”