Mississippi Baptist colors February red

Mississippi Baptist teams recognized American Heart Month in numerous ways.

Mississippi Baptist teams ended February with full hearts. In recognition of American Heart Month, red fun happened all month long and in many ways.

  • The metro Jackson American Heart Association wrapped up the month with a presentation.
  • As part of the Little Hats, Big Hearts initiative for congenital heart defects, 10 tiny locally knit red hats for babies were donated to Mississippi Baptist on Friday, Feb. 16.
  • Baptist team members celebrated Wear Red on Friday, Feb. 23.
  • On Feb. 24, Mississippi Baptist hosted the 20th Annual Heart Day, a low-cost heart screening to help people identify heart disease risks. Participants who did not have a doctor were directed to a Baptist Medical Group physician. Valued at $450, the screening package included a heart risk assessment, blood pressure, height and weight with body mass index (BMI) calculation, EKG, total cholesterol and glucose.