Earn up to $5,000 for Recruiting Baptist Crittenden ED Nurses

Baptist Crittenden is looking to fill 6 emergency department (ED) nurse positions, and they need your help.

If you refer a nurse who Baptist Crittenden hires, you and the person you refer can earn up to $5,000 if the new hire works 12 calendar months in the same position and status. Qualified candidates must have at least two years of ED experience.

For more information, please call Corporate Human Resources at 901-227-4500. More details on the referral bonus are below.

  • Active full-time, part-time and PRN Baptist team members are eligible to participate in the Referral Bonus Program. To receive the bonus, a team member must refer an external candidate for employment into a designated priority recruitment position. If the external candidate is hired, both the referring team member and the new hire are award eligible, providing all program requirements are met.
  • Temporary agency staff, contract staff, Administrative staff, members of management, physicians and members of the Human Resources department are not eligible.
  • The referred applicant must put the name of the referring team member in the “Referral Source” section of the job application. A team member cannot claim that he/she is responsible for the recruitment of a candidate once the applicant has undergone the interview process and/or an offer of employment has been or is being extended.
  • A referral bonus will not be paid to a team member if:
    • His/her candidate/applicant has a pre-existing work obligation with Baptist
    • The applicant is a former Baptist team member with less than 6 months since employment separation
  • If the referred applicant accepts employment with Baptist and is hired, both the referring team member and new hire will receive the approved referral bonus amount in two equal increments:
    • The initial bonus payment is made when the referred new hire has completed his/her initial 90- day introductory period in the approved full or part-time priority recruitment position.
    • A second and final bonus payment is made after the new hire works 12 calendar months in the same position and status.