DAISY Winners Recognized for Enduring, Memorable Kindness

RN Mara Shields works on 3 North at Baptist Memphis.

RN Mara Shields works on 3 North at Baptist Memphis. One of her patients, who has been repeatedly in hospitals since 1998, shared the following story.

“Having been in the hospital many times over the years, I am not a big fan of having to stay. This time I came in for pneumonia and an infected ulcer in my throat on May 18, my 25th anniversary with my wife. Combine all of that with a semi-ill attitude, I noticed Mara never not smiled, never said no, made time to listen to my stories and complaints. Within hours she made me feel more comfortable and treated me like she has known me her whole life. Even after I left her floor and before being released, she found me and made sure all was still well with me. After being in hospitals since 1998, Mara Shields will be one nurse I will never forget.”

At Baptist DeSoto, June’s DAISY winner, Susan Webb, an RN who works in rehabilitation, garnered the sincere affection of patient Shelton Appleton who was recovering from a stroke.

In Shelton’s words, “Susan helped me overcome the fears from my stroke. She gave me the confidence that I would leave rehab in a better condition than I am presently in. She was the encouragement – was exactly the message I need. Susan is indeed a nurse in every respect. She is professional, dedicated, caring and reliable. She was always there for me. Susan not only helped to heal my body but also my soul. Today I am walking and talking (too much). It was Susan’s kindness and dedication that pulled me through the worst of times. I will never forget her. May God always bless Susan.

Earlier in May, Maraibeth Canizaro, an RN in Labor and Delivery at Baptist DeSoto, received the DAISY award for respecting Melissa Miller’s wishes regarding her delivery and providing care to support her wishes.

“Mari took the time to listen to my past delivery experience, my fears and desires for the current pregnancy delivery, the special need I had to ambulate and use shower for natural labor because an epidural was less of an option to me since I have Hemington spinal rods. She not only advocated for me in her communication with the doctor so that I could ambulate and shower for pain relief but seemed to have an innate understanding of just how perfectly to support me during labor – when to talk, when to be quiet, just what to say to encourage me during the most challenging and painful moment of my life; how to encourage and include my husband during labor to foster bonding between us. Many nurses prefer a patient get an epidural because it is easier for the nurse, but Mari loves to help women through natural labor even though it meant more frequent repositioning of monitors, helping me up to shower and back. I truly felt the Lord gave me her as my delivery nurse. I also felt I could relax and be a patient and not a nurse that day and my baby would be safe with Mari watching. I can’t express enough thanks for Mari. She deserves ten daisies truly!”