Daisy Award Winners Demonstrate Compassion to Patients and Their Families

Baptist Golden Triangle

Shana Robertson, an RN in outpatient surgery, was recently selected as a Daisy award winner. She was nominated by a patient for the outstanding care she gave. Shana’s nominator wrote that she was kind, attentive and anticipated her patient’s needs. Her nominator also noted that Shana’s compassion made it obvious that she loved her job and she is an exemplifier to the nursing profession. Shana and her fellow team members also recently made a “good catch” while checking in an outpatient surgery patient.

Baptist Collierville

Alicia Hall and Comfort Yogar, both RNs on 3 North, were nominated for Daisy awards by a patient’s mother for their compassion. They were gentle, caring and went out of their way to help the patient, providing blankets and hugs as needed. The nominator wrote that both are truly exceptional nurses.

Baptist Union County

Many patients recently nominated Paula Browning, an RN in the medical-surgical unit, for a Daisy award. One patient wrote that Paula was so friendly and caring, hugging and thanking the patient for letting her care for her. Another patient’s daughter wrote that Paula made her 100-year-old mother feel safe and important, while demonstrating compassion and empathy for others. Paula also won a Daisy award in 2016.