Baptist Golden Triangle Team Members Make ‘Good Catch’

Baptist Golden Triangle nurse Shana Robertson and fellow team members recently had a “good catch” moment as a patient was checking in for surgery. Shana is usually in the post-op area, but this day was exceptionally busy, so she was the charge nurse in the pre-op area.

While a patient was checking in for surgery, Shana noticed that she had a cast on her right arm, but the paperwork for her surgery said they would be operating on her left arm. She, along with her colleagues, quickly called the surgeon and made the change on the admissions paperwork.

What could have been a big mistake was a great catch by Baptist team members, who remained calm and collected so they didn’t worry the patient.

“Nursing can be so busy and hectic,” explained Shana. “This situation is a good reminder for us to check and recheck with every patient.”