BestHealth Testimonial: Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

After dealing with years of obesity and many failed attempts at dieting, Brenda Harper, a housekeeping supervisor at Mississippi Baptist Medical Center, thought surgery was her only option. Yet, she realized it would only be a temporary solution unless she changed her unhealthy eating habits. So she enrolled in BestHealth’s GoHealthy! classes.

“I decided I wanted to be healthy for my family as well as myself,” said the mother of three. “I promised I would do the work to educate myself on what it would take to become healthy and lose weight. My first step was changing my terrible eating habits. I tossed out all the junk foods and purchased portion-size containers to keep me from overeating.”

With the information she learned in class, Brenda began exercising, cutting carbs and increasing her water intake. She lost five pounds in the first two weeks.

“I began feeling better, and with the progress I achieved, I overcame my fear of getting on a scale.”

By mid-April, Brenda had lost 33 pounds, which she says is her motivation to keep going.

“I’d encourage anyone with thoughts of becoming healthier to start the process and remain focused and determined. The results are life-changing.”