BestHealth Testimonial: A Little Friendly Competition Can Be a Healthy Thing

Though he wouldn’t describe himself as a competitive person, Gregg Fitzgerald, a biomedical technician in clinical engineering at Baptist Union County, says being in a GoHealthy! class with others made him try harder to achieve his goals.

“You want to do better when you’re in it with other people,” said Gregg.

His goal was to change his body mass index (BMI) and lose weight.

“The goal set by the class was for us to each lose 5 percent of our weight, which for me was 11 pounds. I lost 22 pounds,” he said. “I became more aware of my diet, I started reading labels, I walked in the evenings, I used the stairs instead of the elevator, and I did my best to eat five fruits and vegetables each day.”

Since he exceeded his original goal and has lost a few more pounds since finishing the class, Gregg mainly wants to maintain his weight.

“I’m 62, and at this point in my life, retirement is in sight, so I want to be healthy for those years. I’m trying to stay aware of what I’m eating and just burn more calories than I consume. I definitely feel better. In fact, people are telling me I look 40 now!”