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BestHealth Diabetes Prevention Program

BestHealth is starting a Diabetes Prevention program for any Baptist team member who

  • Is at least 18 years old and
  • Has a body mass index of 25 or higher (23 or higher if Asian)
  • Has no previous diagnosis of type 1 or type 2 diabetes and
  • Has a blood test result in the prediabetes range within the past year:
    • Hemoglobin A1C: 5.7%–6.4% or
    • Fasting plasma glucose: 100–125 mg/dL or
    • Two-hour plasma glucose (after a 75 gm glucose load): 140–199 mg/dL or
  • Was previously diagnosed with gestational diabetes

To sign up for a class:

  • Login to HealthStream
  • Click on the Catalog tab
  • In the search bar, type in BestHealth (one word, not two)
  • Locate BMH BestHealth Diabetes Prevention Program and click the Info button
  • Click the Choose Class button
  • Find the location, date, and time you would like to attend and click the green Register button

For more information, please see the BestHealth Diabetes Prevention Program Flyer.