Baptist Golden Triangle Opens New Hybrid Operating Room

Baptist Golden Triangle opened a 1,000-square-foot Hybrid operating room, an advanced procedure space that combines a traditional operating room with an image-guided interventional suite.

The specialty OR is twice as large as a standard OR and gives physicians and other clinicians much more space, improving work flow. Patients benefit from having both a surgeon and an interventional cardiologist in one place.

“In addition to performing ‘standard’ cardiac procedures such as coronary bypass surgery, our excellent interventional cardiologists and cardiac surgeons will continue to perform such advanced procedures as minimally invasive valve procedures, structural heart repairs and aortic aneurysm repairs for example,” said Kayla Pruitt, director of the hospital’s cardiology services.

Gastroenterologists will also use the leading-edge OR to perform procedures such as retrieving gallstones from the common duct.

NEA Baptist, Baptist Memphis, Baptist North Mississippi and Mississippi Baptist Medical Center also have Hybrid ORs.