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Rebel Body Fitness, LLC

1627 W Jackson Ave

- $35 per month for month-to-month
-$30 per month for 6-months; will roll over to month-to-month at this rate after 6 month period
- $10 one-time access card fee

Rebel Body Fitness is a state of the art 24-7 Gym with everything you need to get fit and stay fit. With amenities and services that are geared toward helping maximize your time in the gym, you are sure to enjoy every unwasted minute you are there.

- 24 Hour Gym
- State of The Art Equipment
- Perks Program
- Showers
- Personal/Group Training
- Fitness Coaching
- Top Shelf Nutrition Supplements

How to Redeem:

- Baptist Employee Identification
- Driver’s License

Category: fitness-hobbies-recreation
Contact: , 6623801136