Trailblazing Service Offers New Solutions to Persistent Issues

Last fall during open enrollment, we introduced the Brain and Spine Center of Excellence, part of the Baptist and Semmes Murphey Brain and Spine Network. The center helps patients find treatment for certain back and neck conditions, often without surgery.

About 60 Baptist team members have sought treatment at the center so far, and they have given the center rave reviews. The Brain and Spine Network team is so encouraged by this early success that they are ready to open the Center of Excellence to the public.

We want to make the center available to as many people as possible, so we’re doing several things that have never been done in this area. First, companies don’t need to have our insurance to sign up for this program. Also, companies will pay one price for their employees’ care, no matter what happens during the course of treatment. We will collect and analyze quality indicators to hold ourselves accountable for our care.

Center of Excellence patients pay no out-of-pocket costs, and a concierge and navigator guide them through the entire treatment process. In addition, the team focuses on non-surgical treatments. Experts say 40% of patients identified as back or neck surgical candidates may not need it.

I’m excited about the change this new center can bring. If we’re successful, we would like to expand this concept to other services. The center offers solutions to a number of health care concerns—high out-of-pocket costs; surprise bills; and having to navigate a confusing, decentralized health care system.

Our Center of Excellence can make a national impact. We are targeting major corporations like Walmart that have a large, local presence, and we believe they’ll want to partner with us to provide this service to their employees. We’ll also be sending you an email with additional information about the center. To learn more about it, please call 901-227-8927 or visit

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