This is huge!

Earlier this week NEA Baptist Hospital and NEA Baptist Clinic in Jonesboro, Arkansas, hosted some very important visitors. The 10 examiners were from the Shingo Institute, and they assessed the culture, continuous improvement, alignment and results of NEA Baptist’s work during the past several years to improve care for patients and their families. The site visit was a huge accomplishment by itself, after an extensive achievement report was compiled.

The Shingo Institute is a prestigious group that recognizes organizations for how well they drive world-class results. Johnson & Johnson, AT&T and Exxon are among the companies that have won the Shingo Prize.

Just to earn a visit means NEA Baptist proved it has been steadily providing better care for the past three years and transforming its culture based on Shingo Model principles. Shingo Institute representatives only visit a select number of applicants.

We have looked at the Shingo Model as a benchmark for success for several years now, and during that time, NEA Baptist has had a number of successes. This is yet another huge achievement, and I could not be prouder of the entire team.

The spirit that motivates the NEA Baptist team to get better every day exists in all of you. I truly appreciate everything you bring to your patients, your co-workers and to Baptist. Your commitment, skill and all-around excellence are worthy of more praise than I could ever give.

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