Physicians Can be Two Places at Once With Mobile Apps

For physicians who ever wished they could have immediate access to patient data for clinical decisions—without having to be in front of a computer or in their office—Haiku and Canto are welcome tools.

Haiku and Canto are two handheld apps from Epic that streamline physician workflows. Both allow physicians to access and direct patient care even if they’re not in a clinic or hospital. Haiku is designed for use with an iPhone®, iPod touch®, or Android™ smart phone. Canto is designed for the iPad®.

“These apps allow physicians and select clinicians to access patient information on the go in a safe and timely manner,” said Chris Hopper, system director of Baptist OneCare. “Using Haiku and Canto, physicians have secure and portable access to Baptist OneCare and can stay connected to patients and fellow physicians 24/7. If you’re in the hallway, rounding at the hospital, or even at your child’s soccer game, you can review and update patient information on the spot.”

Haiku and Canto have been in use since January 2014, and the response has been very positive.

Currently, approximately 1,000 logins are recorded monthly, but Chris hopes to see that number increase significantly as more physicians, nurse practitioners and clinicians discover how this free technology can facilitate their daily routines.

“With these apps, you can take photos and videos, which can be uploaded into the Epic database,” said Jeanne Schuett, advisory analyst for Baptist OneCare. “This is especially helpful for specialties such as wound care, plastic surgery, or dermatology, which rely heavily on visual images. And because the photos immediately become part of the Epic system, there is no issue with security.” All data transmitted to and from the server are encrypted using SSL, the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser.

Other benefits of these mobile apps include accessing and managing Epic emails, refilling prescriptions and e-prescribing, contacting care team members, reviewing notes, updating patient information, dictation, obtaining lab results for quick decisions on treatment, and having rounds data at your fingertips. “Any physician who is weary of carrying around a sheet of paper with rounds written on it will appreciate the simplicity and ease of these apps,” Jeanne said.

Getting started is easy. The help desk can assist with loading the app and walk a new user through the process in usually less than 10 minutes. Enrollment tip sheets are available on the Learning Home dashboard. There is also a Physician Quick Start Guide. In addition, nursing staff and informatics are familiar with the systems. As with any mobile app, Haiku and Canto are designed to be intuitive.