Surely the Lord Is In This Place

One of our most popular recent Facebook posts showed something that is equal parts routine and special in our entities—a blessing of the hands ceremony.

The post showed a photo of Baptist Women’s Hospital team members placing their hands on a new piece of equipment while the hospital’s director of pastoral care, Kris Azlin, prayed for the people using it and those would benefit from it. In two days, the post reached 9,200 people, 18 people left comments, and it was shared 51 times.

Blessing of the hands ceremonies have become an important practice throughout our system. A number of our facilities have these ceremonies at least once a year, and some do them more often. The Baptist College of Health Sciences also hosts ceremonies for its students.

It’s one of many ways our pastoral care team helps us incorporate our preaching and healing missions into our everyday work. They also distribute prayer cards, plan Rev. Jimmy Terry Preaching Series events and purchased prayer crosses for our hospitals. They can even provide prayer and counsel if you need it. Just call 901-226-5025 or email

I want to thank our pastoral care team for continuing to make faith such an important part of our work. It’s important for our communities to know that the Lord is in this place.

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