Speaking up for Our Team Members

Last week, I had the opportunity to address Shelby County commissioners (the group that, along with the Shelby County mayor, governs the county that includes Memphis) about a topic that has gained a great deal of attention locally and nationwide: public transportation.

The commissioners invited business leaders to speak on the importance of a good public transportation system. I was happy to talk about it because a number of our team members rely on it to get to and from work. And it’s not an easy trip.

Some of our team members spend six hours a day just getting to and from work. That includes waiting for up to an hour for a bus to come, and it often means walking home after dark. Public transportation is not available on Sundays or holidays, so if team members have to work on those days, they have to rely on expensive alternatives like Uber or Lyft, or hope a family member or friend can take them to and from work.

Our county government wants to offer better service, and we want to do our part to help. We’re also looking at other options, like a ride share program, to provide team members with alternatives to public transportation. We are committed to supporting our team and helping to improve their transportation options and safety while traveling to and from work.

As I have mentioned in previous letters, we remain engaged with elected officials so we can be effective advocates for our patients and for you. We do not take positions on non-health care proposals or legislation, and we don’t endorse political candidates. We want to ensure that our politicians know about the issues that affect you and our patients so they can act in your best interest.

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