Our Annual Check-Up

It’s almost time for our annual check-up. This one doesn’t involve going to the doctor, but we need our physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other advanced practice professionals to diagnose our performance by taking our annual provider engagement survey.

Like an annual physical, this survey helps us understand how we’re doing. Every year after reviewing the results of the survey, we create action plans to address providers’ issues and concerns. We need to know if these plans are effective and, if they aren’t, how we need to change them. And just like we should visit our primary care provider every year, we must check in with our providers annually to find out how they feel about practicing at Baptist.

Our leaders regularly communicate with providers, so some may see a yearly survey as overkill. I would argue that we can’t engage our providers – or our team members or patients, for that matter – often enough. We must give them a confidential way to tell us what we’re doing well and where we can improve. Then, we must work together to create and maintain a positive environment where we can all thrive. The more surveys we get from providers, the better our long-term prognosis will be.

This year’s survey starts on Monday, Aug. 5 and ends on Monday, Aug. 26. Providers will receive a postcard with a link to the survey and their username and password.

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