New Leadership in Mississippi, Same Priorities for Us

On Tuesday, Mississippi voters chose Tate Reeves as their governor for the next four years. Health care was a major campaign issue, and it will continue to be a concern for residents today and for years to come.

As some Mississippi hospitals continue to face tremendous financial pressures and many state health rankings remain lower than we would like, we believe it’s important to keep health care issues top of mind for state leaders.

Keith Norman, our vice president of government affairs, met with Governor-elect Reeves well before the election. We will continue to work with him and his team — both individually and in partnership with the Mississippi Hospital Association and other Mississippi hospitals — on ways to preserve and enhance health care in Mississippi. We feel it’s our duty to advocate for our patients and the health of our communities, and this is one of many ways we do that.

If you are concerned about health care in your community, I encourage you to become involved in the political process. Learn how the candidates stand on important issues, and most importantly, vote. Local, state and national politicians can have a tremendous effect on the care you and your neighbors receive. Their job is to serve you. Hold them accountable and make your opinions known.

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