McKenzie town hall

Jason Little

I participated in a town hall this week in McKenzie, Tennessee, a city about 10 minutes away from Baptist Carroll County in Huntingdon. Almost two months ago, I told you we purchased the assets to the McKenzie Regional Hospital after its parent company decided to close it. Because of this agreement, we are able to preserve a number of health services and expand others in McKenzie. We will also find a buyer or tenant for the hospital building that will benefit the McKenzie community.

I talk a lot about what hospitals like ours bring to communities. But as I listened to the speakers at the town hall, it reminded me of how much we ask of them. We need residents to seek treatment at our hospitals, local leaders to support them, politicians to fight for them, doctors to provide care there, and team members to care for patients. That’s why it was so important for me to attend the town hall. Now that McKenzie no longer has a hospital in its city, I needed to convince them to support their county’s one remaining hospital—Baptist Carroll County.

I am so thankful that the other town hall speakers and many of the residents in attendance expressed their support for us and encouraged others to do the same. We must constantly prove we are worthy of the trust and support we enjoy in all the communities we serve. When we do, we create loyal advocates who are invested in our success.

Thank you for earning and maintaining our communities’ trust. Your commitment means so much to me, and it means even more to those who need our care.

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