Important Information for All Baptist Health Plan Members

On Wednesday, our BestHealth employee Wellbeing Program will begin its third year. During its first two years, we have shared countless stories of team members taking control of their health and achieving dramatic results. If you are on our health care plan, I urge you to learn more about this fantastic program and consider participating in it.

To earn incentives and avoid the tobacco surcharge in 2021, everyone on our health plan must complete a biometric screening and submit the results to BestHealth before Nov.13, 2020. Failure to do so will result in an $80 a month tobacco surcharge. This article has more information. Please note that BestHealth will not be hosting on-site biometric screening events this year because of COVID-19. We value your safety, and maintaining proper social distancing played a factor into this decision. You will have to visit your primary care provider for your biometric screening.

One aspect of BestHealth that will not change is your ability to earn up to $300 in gift cards for visiting your primary care physician, getting your biometric screening and having results within the normal range.  Even if you don’t earn the incentives during the screening, everyone has an opportunity to earn the full $300 just by engaging with the BestHealth team and partaking in the many programs offered, such as weight management, diabetes prevention and one-on-one health coaching. However, you won’t be eligible for this benefit if you don’t join BestHealth. To join, all you have to do is download the inHealth Wellbeing mobile app or visit (use company code BMHCC when asked), and complete the “My Health Risk Questionnaire” under the Health Risk tab.

We are so fortunate to have such a hard-working BestHealth team dedicated to our team members’ health. I am also extremely grateful to the Baptist Memorial Health Care Foundation for providing crucial funding for the BestHealth program. Good health is something that none of us should take for granted. Whether you need to get healthy or stay healthy, BestHealth is here to help you.

What’s your favorite part of the BestHealth program?  What are your BestHealth success stories? Tell me by email, tweet me @jason_m_little or find me on LinkedIn.

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