BMS Rock Stars

By any measure, the Baptist Management System (BMS) has been a tremendous success.

By any measure, the Baptist Management System (BMS) has been a tremendous success. Teams are working together to resolve issues, which has saved time and resources and produced amazing results.

We have been so successful, that many industry leaders have taken notice. Team members like Sandy Holman and Melonie Edens have been invited to speak about Training within Industry (TWI) at national conferences. The TWI Institute in New York consulted us when designing job relations and job methods specifically for healthcare workers. We are recognized as a global leader in TWI for health care.

Despite all these accomplishments, we are not resting on our laurels, and I know you’re not, either. Skip Steward, our chief improvement officer, is working with many of you on new initiatives designed to make BMS even more effective and make it easier for you to share success stories with one another. We have also welcomed Michael Lewis to our team, and he will work on BMS projects with teams throughout our system. We will have more information about him in an upcoming issue of Leader.

In your hands, BMS has made our organization stronger, more efficient and more effective. I am so grateful to all of you who have made BMS and its principles an integral part of your work. The world has noticed, and you are getting the praise and respect you so richly deserve.

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