A new way to buy uniforms and Baptist-branded clothing

You can now show your Baptist pride in a new way. We have started an exclusive partnership with Landau, a local uniform provider, to bring the Professional Image Program (PIP) to our team members. (Mississippi Baptist Medical Center will continue its partnership with TC’s Uniforms.) Whether you work at the bedside, in a physician office, at a desk or in another environment, you’ll be able to enjoy this new program’s perks.

PIP will give clinical team members another affordable option for purchasing scrubs and scrub and lab jackets. You can even add the Baptist logo and/or your name if you want. Also, all team members can order Baptist-branded polos, button-down shirts and outerwear jackets through PIP, as well. You can pay for any purchase through payroll deduction and spread it out over three paychecks. You don’t have to order scrubs through this program; all we ask is that you continue to follow our uniform and dress code guidelines.

A number of you have asked about purchasing Baptist-branded clothing, and I am so grateful for that. It shows that you’re proud to work for Baptist and you want everyone to know. I am equally proud of you, and I want everyone to know we have the best health care team in the world.

Click here for more information, and let me know what you think of PIP by email, tweeting me @jason_m_little or finding me on LinkedIn. If you have any additional questions, please contact your human resources office.

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