Your Numbers Are Important

Knowing your health numbers is one of the key factors in taking control of your well-being. While exercising and nutritious eating are important components of a healthy lifestyle, tracking your health numbers can help prevent or delay a number of diseases. For example, if you know you are at risk for type 2 diabetes because your fasting glucose runs a little higher than usual, you can work with your provider or the BestHealth team to change your lifestyle.

As a health care organization, Baptist is committed to healthy patients and healthy team members. BestHealth and its wellbeing specialists can help team members achieve their healthiest life.

Last year, many BestHealth members participated in biometric screenings either at their primary care providers’ office or through the BestHealth biometric screenings offered at the hospitals. The biometric screenings include height; weight; waist circumference; blood pressure; tobacco screening; and a lipid panel, which tests blood glucose and cholesterol.

Wellbeing specialists will be at Baptist Memorial hospitals from July 31 through Nov. 1 to provide these screenings again, and you must reserve a space in advance. To schedule an appointment, please go to HealthStream and

  • Click on “Catalog”
  • Type “biometric” in the search bar
  • Click on “BMH BestHealth Biometric Screenings”
  • Click on the white “Choose Class” button near the top of the page
  • Look for your entity and click the green “Enroll” button next to the day and time you would like to get your screening

You can also call BestHealth at 901-227-2378 (BEST) or email besthealth@bmhcc.org to schedule an appointment.

Before you go to your doctor or to a scheduled biometric screening, make sure to fill out the health risk questionnaire, either on the InHealth app or through the online portal, https://portal.inhealth4change.com. Remember to fast for six hours before your biometric screening; this includes coffee, creamer, gum and mints.

“We feel BestHealth is a holistic approach to wellbeing,” said Lia Lansky, system director of wellbeing. “To design a health and wellness plan that will work, screening is pivotal. Baptist is a leader in health care, and we want to provide our team members the same level of care we offer our patients.”

If your biometric numbers need a little work, BestHealth offers several solutions to help. Tobacco cessation classes, offered through BestHealth, are free of charge and last 12 weeks. We will put together a plan specifically for you to help you change behaviors and quit for good.

Wellbeing specialists also can set up one-on-one meetings to create a plan to help lower your other numbers, whether that is weight, blood pressure or blood glucose. You can also attend the free GoHealthy! classes, Diabetes Prevention Program classes or BestHealth BestFit pop-up classes.

If your biometric numbers improve during the year, have your provider submit an updated Biometric Screening Provider Form to BestHealth, and we can assess it to see if you can earn the incentives you didn’t earn the first time you or your provider submitted your biometric screening results. You can also receive unearned incentives if you complete the GoHealthy! or Diabetes Prevention Program.

For more information, call BestHealth at 901-227-2378 (BEST) or email BESTHEALTH@bmhcc.org.