Your BestHealth questions answered

If you’re looking for more information about the BestHealth Wellbeing program, this is the place for you. You can also contact the wellbeing team at 901-227-2378 (BEST), email, or visit the BestHealth site on MyBaptist. The BestHealth Wellbeing office will be located at 6141 Walnut Grove Road in Memphis.

Getting Started

1. What is BestHealth?
BestHealth is a comprehensive health and wellbeing program for members of Baptist’s health plan that gives you the tools and personal support you need to live your healthiest life!
2. What services does BestHealth offer?
  • Health risk assessment and biometric screening: Complete it once a year with our team of wellbeing specialists or your primary care provider
  • Health coaching to help you set and achieve your personal health goals
  • Challenges…because a little competition goes a long way in helping us reach those goals!
  • Valuable rewards to keep you motivated!
  • A way to manage your wellbeing “on the go” with our convenient mobile app or web-based portal,
3. How do I enroll in the BestHealth program?
  1. Download the app.
  2. Complete the health risk assessment in the app.
  3. Get a biometric screening at your primary care provider’s office or onsite at one of our biometric screening events between August and November 2018. (Information about the screening events is coming soon.)
  4. Establish a relationship with one of our wellbeing specialists to get regular advice, support and encouragement as you work toward your health care goals.
4. Why should I participate in the BestHealth Wellbeing program?
Three good reasons:

  • Earn rewards, valued at up to $300 per year
  • Because there’s no better time than NOW to take care of yourself
  • It’s free
5. Is this program mandatory?
No, but we encourage all team members to participate in it. We spent a year working with health care experts to design a program that could make a real difference in the lives of our team members. Plus, you can earn up to $300 in gift cards and be eligible to win other prizes.
6. When will Mississippi Baptist Medical Center employees be able to participate in the program?
In January if they choose to join the Baptist health plan. Until then, they can continue to participate in their existing wellness program. PLEASE NOTE: All other Jackson, Mississippi-area team members, including those at Baptist Attala, Baptist Leake, Baptist Yazoo and Baptist Medical Group, who are on Baptist Memorial’s health plan can start participating in the program now.
7. What program features are available to team members who are not on the Baptist health plan?
  • Information: All Baptist team members will receive an email from BestHealth every Tuesday with health information, and BestHealth articles will be included in every issue of the Baptist Leader, which is emailed to all team members every Friday.
  • Classes: The BestHealth team will schedule a number of exercise classes and cooking demonstrations at Baptist entities throughout the year that will be open to all team members.
  • Discounts: We will soon unveil discounts to a number of area fitness facilities.

Health Risk Assessment and Biometric Screening

1. How can I submit my biometric screening results and get my reward if I get them at my doctor’s office?
If you have a Baptist Medical Group provider,  he/she can submit your results through Baptist OneCare. If your PCP is not on Baptist OneCare, download and print the Biometric Screening Provider form on your App or BestHealth site, Ask your provider to complete the form and send it to BestHealth.
2. How does the health risk assessment and screening work?
Four easy steps:

  1. From our mobile app or portal, go to the Health Risk page and complete the questionnaire
  2. Schedule an onsite biometric screening appointment in HealthStream or schedule an appointment for your primary care provider to perform the screening. To schedule an appointment in HealthStream:
    1. Log on to HealthStream
    2. Click on “Catalog”
    3. Type “Biometric” into the search bar and click the green button to the right of the search bar
    4. Click on your entity. (If you don’t see your entity listed, check back in a few days.)
    5. Click on the white “Choose Class” button toward the top of the page
    6. Click on the green “Register” button next to the time you would like to get your biometric screening.
  3. Complete the screening, which includes measurements of your height, weight, waist, blood pressure, a blood sample for glucose and cholesterol, and a test for tobacco use.
  4. Review your results in the mobile app or portal,, to better understand your health.

    3. How often can I complete a health risk assessment and screening?
    Once a year! Complete the health risk assessment in the mobile app or portal and attend an onsite biometric screening event or schedule a visit with your primary care provider.
    4. Should I fast for my screening?
    Fasting 6 hours before your screening is recommended for best results. You can take any medications with water while fasting. If you are screening in the afternoon, eat a light breakfast and skip lunch.
    5. Are these biometric screenings going to be covered by Baptist's insurance?
    Yes. The onsite biometric screenings will be free of charge, and Baptist insurance covers the cost of one wellness visit per calendar year to your primary care provider.
    6. Where will biometric screenings be held?
    We’ll have onsite biometric screenings at each hospital and at some other entities. However, we encourage as many people as possible to visit their primary care provider for their biometric screenings. You can earn up to $300 from that one visit:

    • $100 for the wellness visit
    • $50 for getting your biometric screening (PLEASE NOTE: You will also have to complete the health risk assessment in the app or portal to earn this reward.)
    • $50 if your blood pressure is 120/80 or lower
    • $50 if your glucose is at 100 or lower
    • $50 if your BMI is within 18.5-24.9
    7. What if I just had blood work done with my medical provider?
    If you had blood work done with your primary care physician 180 days prior to your biometric screening date you can bring them with you. However, you can only earn the $100 wellness visit reward if you visit your primary care provider after July 1, 2018. Our health plan will cover one wellness visit per calendar year.
    8. If I improve my biometric screening results during the year, how do I submit new values?
    Participants may submit an Attestation of Updated Biometrics form, completed by their health care provider (must be a nurse practitioner, physician assistant or medical doctor).
    9. What if I don’t meet my health goals?
    Eligible participants have until June 30, 2019, to reach personal goals to earn more points toward their annual rewards. Screen early to identify your personal health goals. Once you meet your goal, complete an Attestation of Updated Biometrics form and submit to BestHealth by June 30, 2019.
    10. What does BestHealth do with my screening information?
    The information from your health risk assessment and the results from your biometric screening will be used to provide you with information to help you understand your current health and potential risks and may also be used to offer you services through the BestHealth Wellbeing program. All information is kept strictly confidential. 


    1. Tell me about the rewards!
    Earn up to $300 this year by working on a healthier lifestyle. Details are below.

    • Complete your health risk assessment and screening
    • Get an annual check-up with your primary care provider
    • Achieve healthy ranges for your weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar or work with our wellbeing specialists to help you achieve your goals
    Activity Reward
    Complete Health Risk Assessment (HRA) + biometric screening (both need to be completed to earn the reward) $50 gift card
    Blood pressure less than 120/80 or complete health coaching goals $50 gift card
    Complete annual wellness visit with primary care provider $100 gift card
    Body mass index (BMI) is 18.5 – 24.9 or complete health coaching goals $50 gift card
    Glucose less than 100 or enroll in the diabetes prevention program or diabetes care management program $50 gift card
    *For tobacco users, complete an approved tobacco cessation program and save an additional $80 a month by avoiding a premium surcharge.
    2. When will team members receive incentives?
    After Oct. 1, team members can claim their rewards from the gift card mall on the BestHealth app. The mall offers a wide selection of gift cards from a number of companies. Also, you can let your rewards build up over time and redeem them in a lump sum.
    3. Is the $300 in rewards for employees only or every covered life?
    It’s only for team members.
    4. Can you address how those employees in areas without BMG/MyChart providers will complete some of the goals?
    All Baptist health plan members can earn rewards for completing wellness goals and will obtain credit for getting a wellness exam if they see a provider in our health plan network.

    Wellbeing Specialists

    1. Who will be providing the nutrition classes and health coaching?
    Our wellbeing specialists will provide all the health coaching, and they’ll also lead a number of wellness classes. Local experts will lead cooking demonstrations.
    2. Will employees be able to use wellbeing specialists for questions regarding their children’s well being?
    Wellbeing specialists will provide individual counseling about our team members’ health, but BestHealth will provide general information about a number of topics, including children’s health. We encourage you to work with your child’s health care provider for specific advice and guidance.

    Primary Care Provider Visits

    1. What type of exams count as the annual physical exam?
    Participants can earn a $100 gift card by getting a general wellness exam from a primary care physician or nurse practitioner. During the exam, you should get a biometric screening that includes body mass index measurement, waist circumference, blood pressure, total cholesterol, glucose testing and cotinine (a test for tobacco use).
    2. What if you have already had your wellness visit this year?
    If you had bloodwork done with your primary care physician 180 days prior to your biometric screening date you can bring them with you. However, you can only earn the $100 wellness visit reward if you visit your primary care provider after July 1, 2018. Our health plan will cover one wellness visit per calendar year.
    3. If you go to your primary care provider for the biometric screening after you have already had your annual physical, will you have to pay a co-pay? Are BMG primary care providers going to perform the biometric screening at no charge?
    Baptist’s health plan pays for one wellness visit during a calendar year. If you have already had your annual physical this year, you can avoid paying a co-pay in one of two ways:

    1. Visit your primary care provider in January for your biometric screening. You can also earn rewards for both your wellness visit and for getting your biometric screenings. (PLEASE NOTE: You must also complete your health risk assessment in the app or portal to earn the biometric screening reward.)
    2. Get a free biometric screening during one of our onsite screening events, but there are a limited number of spots.
    4. Does a BMG provider have to perform the wellness exam?
    No. Any primary care physician or nurse practitioner can perform the wellness exam. If your primary care provider is not with BMG, to receive your $100 reward, you’ll have to bring a Biometric Screening Provider form (you can download it from the “BestHealth” section of the app) to your appointment and ask your provider to submit it to the fax number or email address on the form. If you visit a provider in our health plan network, the visit will be covered according to the plan.
    5. Will we provide assistance for team members who do not have a primary care provider (or need to change to one from BMG)? Where do they start?
    Yes! Team members can call 844-837-2433 to find a primary care provider. We strongly encourage all team members to have a primary care provider and to get yearly physicals. That’s why you can get $100 a year for a wellness visit!
    6. Some female employees receive a Well Woman visit from their OB/GYN, will those be accepted as a wellness visit?
    No, only visits to their primary care physician will be accepted.
    7. Does the biometric screening assessment require me to see my primary care physician or can this be done via a nurse visit?
    A physician or certified nurse practitioner can perform the biometric screening.


    1. Will my medical information be kept private?
    Yes. Your privacy is important to us. All personal health information received through BestHealth is stored and managed in a safe, secure and confidential manner. Your employer will not have access to any of your medical records. You cannot be discriminated against in employment because of the medical information you provide as part of the wellness program, nor will you be subjected to retaliation if you choose not to participate.
    2. Who can see my biometric screening results?
    Only the wellbeing specialists can see your results. They’ll need them to determine if you are eligible for rewards.
    3. Can I participate in the program if I don’t want to share my biometric screening results?
    You won’t be eligible to receive the rewards, but you can still:

    • Get health information
    • Attend wellness classes
    • Redeem fitness facility discounts
    • Download and use the app (if you are a member of the Baptist health plan)
    4. If my biometric screening scores are bad, will it be held against me?
    Absolutely not. The purpose of the BestHealth Wellbeing program is to work with you to establish and maintain healthy habits. We will support you with expert information, one-on-one coaching and other benefits, and we’ll reward you for practicing healthy habits. 
    5. Can human resources see my health information?
    No. Only the wellbeing specialists can see your health information so they can better advise you and ensure you receive your rewards.
    6. Can my boss see my health information?
    No. Your health information is completely confidential. Only the wellbeing specialists can see it.


    1. What about employees who are not on our insurance plan, are they eligible?
    Team members who are not on the Baptist health plan have access to a number of BestHealth Wellbeing program features. They can attend any wellness class at any Baptist facility, redeem discounts to local fitness facilities, and they will receive general health information by email and through the Baptist Leader.
    2. Is my spouse eligible?
    Spouses who are enrolled on the BMHCC health plan are eligible to participate in all programming but are not eligible to earn the wellbeing rewards.
    3. What if I get married in 2018, can my spouse join the BestHealth Wellbeing program?
    Yes. Health plan members with qualifying life events, such as marriage, may enroll in the health plan within 30 calendar days of that event.
    4. Can my children participate in the BestHealth Wellbeing program?
    This program is focused on adult plan members who are either the employee or the spouse.
    5. What if I am unable to participate due to a limitation or disability?
    If you are unable to take part in any of the health-related activities or meet any of the health outcomes required to earn rewards you may be entitled to reasonable accommodation or an alternative standard. You may request a reasonable accommodation or an alternative standard by contacting BestHealth at 901-227-2378 (BEST).
    6. I’m not a member of the health plan. Can I participate in a BestHealth screening?
    No, at this time we will only be screening participants on the health plan.
    7. I’m a new employee to the health system. How long do I have to complete a BestHealth biometric screening?
    Screen within 30 days of enrolling in the health plan. Spouses enrolling on the health plan can also complete a screening within 30 days of enrollment.

    Other Questions

    1. Will information sent to hospital emails also be sent to personal emails that people decide to use with the app?
    It can be. Just email the wellbeing team at, and make that request.
    2. Will exercise classes be available at all Baptist locations?
    We won’t be able to offer exercise classes at all Baptist locations, but you can attend classes anywhere they’re offered. We’re also securing discounts to a number of fitness facilities across the system. Stay tuned for more details!
    3. Will employees from our clinics be able to attend classes etc. at any entity?
    Of course! All Baptist team members are welcome to attend any class at any Baptist entity.
    4. I have just recently stopped using tobacco products. If I test negative at the BestHealth biometric screening, do I qualify for the premium reduction?
    Health plan members have the option of successfully completing a tobacco cessation program by Dec. 15, 2018 to save an additional $80 a month by avoiding a premium surcharge.