Want to Give a Gift That Makes a Difference? Donate PTO to the Baptist Foundation

As 2019 draws to a close, Baptist team members can donate PTO to the Baptist Memorial Health Care Foundation. The gift can be directed to the cause of their choice, and even a small contribution can make a significant impact. Team members also can make their PTO donation in honor of their colleagues, friends or families, which is a great gift to give during the holidays.

To donate, team members must complete a form and specify the number of hours they want to donate. The payroll department will convert the PTO hours, withhold taxes and forward the balance to the Baptist Foundation. The deadline for donating PTO this year is Dec. 14, and team members can call the Baptist Foundation at 901-227-7123 to get a form.

The Baptist Foundation wants to thank all team members who gave to one of its funds this year. Please read Jason Little’s weekly Leader letter to learn more about one of the many worthy causes Baptist Foundation donors support.