Want even more health information? Visit the BestHealth MyBaptist site!

The BestHealth team has established a MyBaptist site to house information about the program and upcoming events, and to answer your questions. Any Baptist team member with access to the BMHCC MyBaptist site can access the BestHealth site, whether or not you’re on the Baptist health plan. Open Internet Explorer, then look for the BestHealth tab at the top of the page. The site offers (or will soon offer):

  • Health articles from national experts
  • Information about our four wellbeing specialists and our director of wellbeing
  • Upcoming events at Baptist facilities, including:
    • Biometric screening (will take place from August through November 2018)
    • Wellness classes
    • Cooking demonstrations
  • Nutrition and fitness tips
  • Discounts to area fitness facilities
  • Information on health challenges (will be available in early 2019)