Volunteer Group Continues 107-Year Tradition of Caring for Patients

Above: Baptist Children’s Hospital patient Kaylynn Watt shows off a blanket made by the Baptist Women’s Auxiliary. The group of 75 women makes many items for patients at several Baptist hospitals.

Thanks to a special group of volunteers, patients at several Baptist hospitals receive an additional layer of care during their treatment. The Baptist Women’s Auxiliary has been donating their time to help Baptist and its patients since the first Baptist Memorial Hospital opened in 1912.

Back then, they were known as “The Linen Band” because they rolled bandages and performed similar duties. Today, the team of 75 women from 20 churches does much more. They sew a variety of items—from stuffed toys and pillows for mastectomy patients to turbans for cancer patients and baptismal gowns. They have fulfilled special requests to make blankets, walker pockets and other specialty items.

The group also collects items to distribute in goody bags at Christmastime, as well as sweat suits for patients who don’t have clothes. On top of that, they have raised thousands of dollars every year to fund the Baptist Women’s Hospital’s baby Bible ministry.

“We have a 97-year-old lady who still sews for the Women’s Auxiliary,” said Paula Casey, manager of communications and physician relations for Baptist Women’s Hospital. “We also have a lady who began attending meetings after her mother no longer could—passing on the mission from one generation to the next. This is a special group of special ladies.”