BestHealth Testimonial: The Right Changes Bring the Right Results for GoHealthy! Class Member

Baptist Memphis customer service representative Judy Davis wasn’t expecting her blood pressure to be 180 over 96 when she visited her doctor in November 2018.

“It was kind of scary to have no problem until you are almost 50 and then hear that,” she said. “My doctor threatened to put me on medication if I didn’t make changes. So I decided to get some help through BestHealth and try a GoHealthy! class.”

Judy began attending the 13-week class led by Patrick Conn and by the end of the first month, her blood pressure was 120 over 68, and it’s still dropping, as is her cholesterol and her weight.

“Before, I would try diets but always get bored,” said Judy. “I’d walk, but then the weather would get bad, and I’d stop. So in class I learned to walk indoors during my breaks. I learned to read labels and avoid sodium, carbs, and foods high in saturated fats. But most of all, I was motivated by Patrick. He gave us great pointers to keep us focused. And I’m still following them!”

One tip is to ask for a to-go box when ordering food in a restaurant.

“Put half your food in that box right away,” says Judy. “This has worked so well for me.”