The dangers of robocalls and text message scams

If it seems like you’ve been receiving more robocalls lately, you have. It was reported that Americans received an estimated 3.4 billion scam phone calls in the month of April alone! Besides just being really annoying, these calls present certain dangers that everyone needs to be aware of, including identity theft and malware. Here are some tips for limiting spam calls and avoiding scams.

  • Never engage! Pressing a button to speak with someone on a scam phone call or clicking a link from a text message is just asking for trouble. Links may lead to viruses and malware, infecting your phone. Automated calls have become more sophisticated or programmed to sound like a real person. The best thing you can do is to hang up.
  • Check your settings. Most iPhones allow you to set your phone to do not disturb for any callers that are not already in your contact list. This will send the caller straight to voice mail. Some Android phones will alert you to a potential scam call. You can also contact your carrier to see what tools they offer to combat robocalls. If you receive repeated calls or texts, you may also block them individually on your phone.
  • Register for the DO NOT CALL LIST. Go to Be sure to register both your land line and cell phone¹.
  • Enroll in an ID Theft program. There are many programs available; know what you’re signing up for. Is it protection? Is it recovery? What does it cover? To enroll in the HealthNet Federal Credit Union’s ID Theft program (available only to HealthNet members), complete the attached form and fax it to 901-226-1122.

For more financial tips, visit your local credit union. HealthNet Federal Credit Union has proudly served Baptist Memorial Health Care employees and the health care community throughout the Mid-South for more than 60 years.

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¹ You still may receive calls after registering with the DO NOT CALL LIST. The list is designed to stop unwanted sales calls. Any company you have done business with, legitimate debt collectors, political organizations and charities may still contact you. If you do not want to receive these calls, ask them to remove you from their list and note the date and time of your conversation. If you continue to receive calls from these companies, you can report them to the FTC by clicking here.