Thank You to Baptist Team Members for Donating to the Disaster Relief Fund for Tornado Victims: Q&A with Jenny Prascher Nevels

Thanks to the compassion of Baptist team members, the Baptist Memorial Health Care Foundation made a generous donation to the Mid-South chapter of the American Red Cross to support those affected by the tornados in December. Jenny Prascher Nevels, executive director of the Baptist Memorial Health Care Foundation, shared more with us about the donation.

How much did the Baptist Foundation Disaster Relief Fund contribute for disaster relief for those affected by the December tornados in Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky?

We raised, primarily from employee contributions, $5,816. The Foundation matched that dollar for dollar for a total contribution of $11,632 donated to the Mid-South chapter of American Red Cross. They have outreach to surrounding states and knew where the greatest needs were. Thanks to the generosity of Baptist team members, we were able to help support the disaster relief efforts.

How did the Foundation directly help Baptist team members affected by the storms?

Some team members affected by the tornados applied for help from the Foundation’s Employee Emergency Assistance Fund. We have a history of helping employees with unanticipated needs that crop up from unexpected events. Oftentimes, these needs are created by a natural disaster.

To process the requests, the Foundation partners with Pastoral Care. They receive applications, and we forward them to a committee that reviews and approves them. We process the requests quickly, working closely with our finance team members.

In our 2021 fiscal year, we provided $122,517 in metro Memphis alone through the emergency assistance fund for employees. Our regional entities provided support for their employees, as well.

We provide a substantial amount of support for our employees when they have these needs. Employees ask for support to help with damage to personal property, including flooding or roof damage. We also assist when team members need help after an unanticipated death or extended illness.

Why does the Foundation raise money and contribute to relief efforts for natural disasters?

Baptist has a long history of providing support to the communities we serve. Disaster relief is just a small element of that, but natural disasters can create a desperate need.

Giving through the Foundation is a safe way to contribute and support the effort. Team members can feel confident that their gift will be handled appropriately and go where it’s intended.

Anything else you’d like to add?

We have a real and deep commitment to the communities we serve on a variety of levels. We raise money to support charitable initiatives within the health care mission, including supporting programs and helping with the need for specialized equipment that can be cost prohibitive in a normal budgeting process.

Everything we do supports the strategic initiative of the health care system, particularly when it comes to improving patient care and providing mental health support through our Centers for Good Grief for people who have had losses. Supporting patients and communities we serve is what our mission is all about.