Six Baptist Memorial Hospitals Earn an “A” Hospital Safety Grade for Fall 2022

The Leapfrog Group honored six Baptist Memorial hospitals with an “A” Hospital Safety Grade to recognize their achievements in protecting patients from harm and error in the hospital. For the 21st consecutive time, the Leapfrog Group awarded Baptist Golden Triangle an “A,” making it one of only 22 hospitals nationwide to earn an “A” every grading cycle since 2012. Baptist Booneville earned a Top Rural Hospital designation in addition to its “A.”

“We are so proud of our straight ‘A’ score and of our hard-working team members who earned it, for the 21st time in a row,” said Paul Cade, administrator and CEO of Baptist Golden Triangle. “We are honored to provide such a high level of quality care to the communities we serve.”

In addition to Baptist Golden Triangle and Baptist Booneville, Baptist Union City, Mississippi Baptist Medical Center, Baptist Union County and NEA Baptist also earned “A” Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grades. Congratulations to team members for being recognized for all you do to protect patients from harm.

“Baptist Booneville is honored to be recognized as a Top Rural Hospital in addition to receiving an ‘A’ rating from the Leapfrog Group,” said James Grantham, CEO and administrator at Baptist Booneville.

The Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade is the only ratings program for hospitals that’s based exclusively on hospital prevention of medical errors and harms to patients. Grades are updated in the fall and spring.

The Leapfrog Group is an independent national watchdog organization that assigns grades to general hospitals based on more than 30 performance measures reflecting errors, injuries, accidents and infections, as well as systems hospitals have in place to prevent harm.

To view full grades, visit HospitalSafetyGrade.org.