Service First Winners Show Exceptional Commitment to Patients, Coworkers and Caregivers

Entities throughout the system honored Service First winners for sharing a common trait: putting others’ needs before their own. Read more about these dedicated colleagues’ remarkable actions.

Baptist Corporate

Matt Deshotels, RN, discharge call nurse

Matt’s nominator praised him for establishing a rapport with an anxious, stressed caregiver who was caring for her husband. Matt called the caregiver as part of the post-discharge process and found her nearly in tears because she did not know how to operate her husband’s Foley catheter. He calmly and patiently walked her through the process. By the end of the phone call, the caregiver could empty the Foley bag, understand how to care for it and knew what to do if it stopped working. He even made an appointment for an urologist, something the caregiver had difficulty getting.

“Considering the gravity of the situation, the fact that he was able to take care of this lady’s needs and reduce her anxiety over the phone is astounding and truly an example of how Baptist Cares,” his nominator wrote.

The caregiver plans to continue relying on Baptist for her husband’s care.

“We have bounced around hospitals for quite some time due to my husband’s medical problems,” the caregiver said. “After this, we will be returning to Baptist for all of our needs if possible.”

Jeffrey Wood, RN, intermediate clinical applications analyst, Baptist Technology Services

Jeff’s nominator works with him on the Baptist OneCare Hospital team and describes Jeff as very helpful with work matters. But on one occasion, he went even further. One 20-degree day last winter, after returning from lunch, the nominator’s driver side window would not roll up. After mentioning that she had to pick up her infant daughter after work, Jeff dropped everything and ran outside to fix the window.

“Jeff is an awesome coworker, and I’m blessed to get to work with him,” his nominator wrote. “He is always very kind, and I am in no way shocked that he was the first person to volunteer to help me.”

Ronald Beliech, generalist-Information Technology systems associate

Ron led the project of assembling the video devices for COVID patient rooms. His nominator noted that he took pride in his job, completed it in a timely manner and ensured the devices were delivered to the floors so these isolated patients could interact with their families.

Ron knew the telehealth devices had to be assembled quickly so they could be tested and distributed to COVID rooms as soon as possible. He took the lead and wasted no time, although this was a completely new process. He even volunteered to help deliver the devices.

“This is one example of the great service Ron provides,” his nominator wrote. “He is always quick to follow up on issues and doesn’t mind helping wherever he is needed.”

Mississippi Baptist Medical Center

Kelly Davies, RN

According to her nominator, Kelly has provided outstanding customer service many times over the years. In particular, she has provided special care for vulnerable patients. Once, she bought several outfits for a homeless patient. Another time, she formed a special bond with a patient with mental challenges and even polished the patient’s nails, which made the patient’s day.

The nominator also notes Kelly’s commitment to quality and patient safety.

“As a leader on our unit, she is always looking for ways to decrease our risk of injuries to our patients,” Kelly’s nominator wrote.

Travis Kline, security guard

Two team members nominated Travis for the Service First award. One talked about an encounter with a homeless man in the hospital. The other referred to another time when Travis “provided the employees of Mississippi Baptist Medical Center outstanding service that went above and beyond, while thinking only of his fellow employees.”

Baptist Union City

Justin Johnson, floor finisher

Justin won a Service First award for selflessly helping in the emergency room on a busy, hectic night. His nominator noted that the rooms and department had never been cleaned so quickly and correctly! Ever since then, Justin will often come to the ER during busy times and volunteer to help clean rooms.

“He is the BEST! ,” his nominator wrote. “We are so very appreciative of his time and dedication to our team. He is one of a kind, and we are honored to be his colleague.”

Robbie Taylor, manager-Infection Prevention and Employee Health

In the midst of the COVID-19 craziness, Robbie found out that a fellow team member needed an urgent cardiac procedure performed at Baptist Memphis but did not have a ride. Robbie drove the team member from Union City to Baptist Memphis (a two-hour trip) and provided moral support the team member desperately needed.

Robbie’s nominator notes, “Because Robbie took the time to compassionately deal with the team member, who was reluctant to share her plight even with her boss, Robbie was able to discern a need and fill that need.”

Baptist Tipton

Barbara (Ms. Kay) DeVaughn, customer service representative

Everyone at Baptist Tipton knows Ms. Kay as the epitome of Service First. Recently, after working a full day, she drove 30 minutes out of her way to take a patient home who didn’t have a ride.

“This is just one of the many things she does every day to help patients in every way she can,” Ms. Kay’s nominator wrote. “She loves this hospital and is its biggest cheerleader.”

Baptist Crittenden

Heather Cantrell, RN, med surg

Heather’s nominator calls her “perfect” and “pleasant” and could not imagine having better service than what Heather provided.

“She made me feel better with her presence,” Heather’s nominator wrote. “She took very good care of me. I just loved her spirit. She was the best nurse I’ve ever had.”