Service First Winners Show Compassion, Leadership and Helpfulness

Recent Service First champions work all over the Baptist system. They have impressed colleagues, patients and their family members by demonstrating leadership, empathy and kindness. Read more to see how they helped others.

Baptist Union County

Scott Hatcher

Scott has been a pharmacist at Baptist Union County for more than 30 years. He was nominated for Service First by a colleague after he took the time to sit with and listen to a patient’s family member who was upset in the hospital lobby. Scott exemplified kindness as he focused on the family member’s concerns.

“He recognized a need, stopped what he was doing, and treated this gentleman as if he had all the time in the world,” noted Scott’s nominator. His colleague also shared that Scott’s “humble kindness and compassion toward this gentleman was amazing.”

Margo Amadu

Margo, a patient care assistant at Baptist Union County, demonstrated compassion that made a big difference for a patient’s family members. They were so impressed with her welcoming personality and care they nominated her for Service First. “Margo’s bubbly personality made our stay in the hospital much brighter,” wrote the nominator.

“On our last night, dad was sleeping, and Margo reached out to tell him goodbye. She held his hands to warm them one last time while he slept, and then she placed her hand on his head for a minute. She did not say anything, but we knew she was saying a prayer for our dad.”

Baptist Leake

Vicky Moody

Vicky is an RN in the Emergency department. Her supervisor noticed her outstanding dedication and nominated her for Service First. Vicky went beyond the traditional scope of her job to assist COVID-19 patients in the ER with infusion treatments. She not only helped patients get set up with treatments, but she also assisted her fellow nurses by overseeing treatments for several days. Vicky’s graciousness during challenging times helped the department operate more smoothly.

Baptist Tipton

Dave Embry

Dave, an information services manager, was nominated for Service First by a colleague who appreciated his willingness to go above and beyond during extreme weather. Even on his days off during the snowstorm in February, Dave drove colleagues to and from their hospital shifts in his Jeep. Dave’s empathy and helpfulness not only benefitted his team members, but also helped support patients who were able to get the care they needed.

Lee Ervin

Lee is an RN for the Inpatient unit. Nominated by a team member for his commitment to service, Lee regularly exceeds the expectations of co-workers and patients. His nominator wrote that Lee would rush to help a coding patient, plunge toilets and help colleagues start their broken-down cars! “‘Lee rocks,’  ‘Lee is the best’ and ‘Lee’s the man’ are all constant phrases that can frequently be heard from Lee’s patients and co-workers,” wrote one of his co-workers.

Baptist Restorative Care

Brittany Lang

Brittany is an RN who is willing to help her co-workers and fill in when and where there is a need. Even as a newer nurse, she exudes the knowledge and confidence of a seasoned professional. Brittany’s colleague and Service First nominator wrote that she’s an RN with a positive attitude who always wants to do the right thing.

Baptist Corporate

Gloria Palmer

Gloria, an analyst-business systems advisor, was nominated for Service First by a colleague for her skill and research in helping resolve issues with the eICU transition to EPIC monitor. Her dedication to researching the best fixes for the technical issues meant working long hours, including nights and weekends.

After installing the new programs, Gloria was available at any time to answer questions from team members. “I don’t know how she juggles it all,” her nominator wrote. “And she does it with a calm and gracious smile.”

Brittney Monk

Brittney is a placement specialist in Centralized Patient Access Center (CPAC). She was nominated by her colleague for driving team members to and from work during the snowstorm in February. Both Brittney and her husband generously joined fellow members of the Mid-South Jeep Club to drive health care workers in for their shifts when the roads were dangerous.

“I can always depend on her to jump in and help when needed,” wrote her nominator. “Brittney has an eye for details and her work reflects that. She is honest, dependable and a team player. We are glad she is part of our team.”