Service First Champions Demonstrate Selflessness and Compassion

Baptist Memphis

Lucille Harris, Operating Room unit coordinator

A patient was dropped off at Baptist Memphis for surgery, instead of the hospital where her surgery was scheduled. By the time the team realized the mistake, her ride had driven home to West Memphis. Lucille, a Baptist team member for nearly 40 years, called the other hospital to alert them to the situation. She then called and paid for a taxi and made sure the patient arrived at the other hospital in time for her scheduled surgery. Her nominator wrote that Lucille is a prime example of what it means to be a Service First leader!

Baptist Corporate

Natasha Pegues, customer care specialist, centralized business office (CBO)

Natasha’s nominator called the CBO about a billing issue after her husband’s surgery. The nominator wrote that Natasha was wonderful and went and above and beyond to assist with her issue. After Natasha’s intense review, she identified the issue and worked diligently to get it resolved.

Laura Ruth, instructional designer, Baptist OneCare

According to her nominator, Laura Ruth is one of the most giving and unselfish people she has ever known. Not only has Laura gone above and beyond in the workplace, earning 10 Epic certifications and sharing her knowledge with those who need it, she also volunteers her time and talents in the Memphis community. She delivers donated flower arrangements to the Hospice House, collects blankets and newspapers for animal shelters, and donates clothing and food to the Manna House to help the homeless. Laura also donates her PTO to team members on maternity leave or who have had accidents or serious illnesses.

Baptist Union County

Anita Collins, RN, ICU/Stepdown unit

When a co-worker was hospitalized for several days, Anita offered to walk and feed her dog. She also organized a group of Baptist team members to help clean the co-worker’s yard. The nominator wrote that Nita selflessly puts others’ needs before her own, giving her own time to help those in need.

Baptist Tipton

Cassandra Hayes, RN

An uninsured stroke patient was discharged from the hospital and needed to stay at an inpatient rehabilitation facility. Cassandra worked for three days, calling every facility within a 30-mile radius, until she found one that would take the patient. She worked with the family to help the patient get the care he needed, and they were very appreciative of her hard work. Her nominator wrote that Cassandra is always kind and caring with all of her patients, no matter how difficult the situation.