Service First Champions Demonstrate Generosity of Spirit

The most recent Service First champions come from all over the Baptist system. They demonstrate exceptional compassion to their patients and team members.

Baptist DeSoto

Nicole Glazier

Nicole was nominated for going out of her way to help a patient in need. Following his hospital stay, he needed to be transferred to another facility for longer-term care. He was homeless and didn’t want to lose his belongings, which he stored in a parking lot. When Nicole got off her shift, she went to the Walmart parking lot, retrieved his things and brought them back to the hospital so the patient could have them before he was transferred. The patient and his doctor were very happy.

Paola Ramirez

Paola was nominated for sitting with a patient during the last minutes of his life while a teammate was attempting to contact the patient’s family. Paola assured the patient that he wouldn’t die alone if the family didn’t make it in time. Her nominator also wrote that she has a positive attitude and shining smile.

Baptist Attala

Ami Summers

Ami was nominated by three team members for several specific acts. She allowed a patient dying from COVID-19 to use her phone to FaceTime with her family before she died. On another occasion, Ami helped the pharmacy by driving to Jackson, Mississippi, to pick up a medicine needed for a scheduled procedure the next day, on her day off work. Ami also stayed after her shift ended to help with multiple trauma patients coming into the emergency department. Her nominators said she is a compassionate team player who frequently goes above and beyond to help others.

Herbert Hill

Herbert was nominated by his teammate in the radiology department for being a hardworking, dependable employee. His nominator wrote that Herbert makes things easier for both patients and team members, never sitting down until all department work is complete. He is kind, always in a good mood and demonstrates compassion.

Johnnie (Rena) Miller

Rena was nominated by six different colleagues for her attention to detail and friendly demeanor. Her nominators wrote that Rena is exceptional at her job, always cleaning thoroughly with a positive attitude. While her job doesn’t require patient interaction, she is helpful to those in need.

Laqueater Snow

Laqueater was nominated by a fellow team member for her willingness to go the extra step with emergency department patients, bringing them blankets, food and drinks. Her nominator wrote that Laqueater sits with patients to comfort them with a friendly smile on her face.

Baptist Tipton

Jaden Cole

Jaden was nominated by an emergency department teammate for her positive attitude and leadership. Her nominator wrote that she works to make sure patients are seen quickly, helping triage them with compassion. Though she has only been a nurse for a little over a year, her nominator wrote that she will go far in her career.

Baptist Union County

Conny Roberson

After being connected with a patient in the emergency room, Conny noticed that the patient’s shoes were very worn. When she learned that the patient was admitted, she bought a new pair of shoes for the patient. Her nominator wrote that Conny does her best to help patients in any way she can.

Baptist Leake

Diana Pickel

Diana was nominated by a teammate who noticed her going the extra mile for an emergency room patient who was waiting longer than expected for an ultrasound. Diana saw that the patient was cold and got her a heated blanket. Her nominator wrote that Diana always finds a way to help, especially during the past year as COVID-19 affected staffing.